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MORFISMOS, is an open access journal of the Mathematics Department of Cinvestav. One of its main objectives is to give advanced students a forum to publish their early mathematical writings and to build skills in communicating mathematics.

Publication of papers is not restricted to students of Cinvestav; we want to encourage students in Mexico and abroad to submit papers. Mathematics research reports or summaries of bachelor, master and Ph.D. theses of high quality will be considered for publication, as well as contributed and invited papers by researchers. All submitted papers should be original, either in the results or in the methods. The Editors will assign as referees well-established mathematicians, and the acceptance/rejection decision will be taken by the Editorial Board on the basis of the referee reports.

Authors of MORFISMOS will be able to choose to transfer copy rights of their works to MORFISMOS. In that case, the corresponding papers cannot be considered or sent for publication in any other printed or electronic media. Only those papers for which MORFISMOS is granted copyright will be subject to revision in international data bases such as the American Mathematical Society's Mathematical Reviews, and the European Mathematical Society's Zentralblatt MATH.

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